• "I bought my CR digital developer and Ultraound machine from you and Nigel was excellent during the deal and installation was first class in a difficult small previous dark room. You would be my first port of call if I needed new hardware."
  • "The S8 is easily the best machine I've ever used for image quality"
  • “We were thrilled to meet your team. It’s quite obvious why you all have such a great attitude. Your staff were amazing and the whole feel at the BCF offices was extraordinary. I have never been in a company with such a positive and happy environment. Thank you BCF, you are truly the best and great friends.”
  • "Annie our BCF rep has been fantastic from the start. We had some quite demanding time frames when we first ordered our system. Nothing seemed too much trouble - which was a weight off our minds when trying to organise and run a practice. We are incredibly proud of our practice & all of our equipment from BCF helps to maintain a practice that prides itself on providing the best for patients & client alike."
  • “We have had the Z5 for a couple of months now and it is a great piece of equipment. With our previous scanner, I may have struggled with more deep chested dogs trying to find adrenals and the kidneys sometimes. This equipment is so simple to use I love the way it is set up, and the image quality is fantastic. I am really impressed and pleased with it.”

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