Stifle – craniocaudal canine X-ray positioning guide

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Stifle – craniocaudal canine X-ray positioning guide


  • Sternal recumbency with leg to be radiographed extended caudally
  • Use sandbags or wedges to raise the unaffected limb
  • Position so the patella is in the midline
  • Centre on the midline of the stifle
  • Collimate to show distal 1/3rd femur and proximal 1/3rd of tibia/fibula
  • Ensure L/R marker in primary beam

What to look for

  • Good visualisation of the joint space
  • Femoral condyles should be of equal size, with the patella in the midline

Top tips

  • If the limb keeps rotating put cotton wool under the joint to help prevent it slipping
  • Use tape to ensure the tail is not over the region of interest

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