Shoulder– caudocranial canine X-ray positioning guide

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Shoulder– caudocranial canine X-ray positioning guide


  • Dorsal recumbency
  • Use sandbags/foam wedges or a cradle under the hips/pelvis to keep dog straight
  • Turn head away from affected limb
  • Extend limb cranially and tie
  • Centre over the shoulder joint
  • Collimate to show proximal 1/3rd humerus and include the scapula
  • Ensure L/R marker in primary beam

What to look for

  • Humeral head should be central in relationship to the supraglenoid tubercle
  • Shoulder joint should not overlie the ribs

Top tips

  • If measuring humerus ensure it is parallel to the X-ray cassette, and ensure your calibration tool is at the same distance from the cassette as the bone.

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