BVA veterinary elbow score requirements

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BVA veterinary elbow score requirements

(As taken from the BVA procedure notes)


Dogs must be at least 1 year old for their X-rays to be submitted, and have a microchip or tattoo.

The following views are required for each elbow joint for grading under the scheme:


Two mediolateral views:

1 - An extended lateral (110°)

2 - A flexed lateral (45°)


Centre over the condyle of the humerus; collimate to show not more than the lower 1/3rd of the humerus and the upper 1/3 of the forearm.



The following MUST be radiographed on the film or digital image at the time of exposure or by light marker onto a film prior to processing:


A - BOTH the Kennel Club Registration number (from the Kennel Club Certificate - no other form of identification for a dog registered with the KC is accepted) AND the microchip or tattoo number

B - the date of the radiograph

C - left and/ or right markers


For further information please refer to the BVA website


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