BCF guide for canine hips and elbow radiographs

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IMV guide for canine hips and elbow radiographs

Case Study

These will be sent to practices through Veterinary Practice Magazine and Veterinary Ireland Journal at the beginning of August. They can also be downloaded here. The release of these posters ties in to the launch of the new Vita Flex CR X-ray system which has small animal and equine positioning guides built in the software helping you to get ideal animal positioning in practice every time. 

BCF Clinical Manager Ben Sullivan commented,

“We have developed these positioning posters to be used in practice showing the most commonly used views for hips and elbows and abdomen and thorax. They also show the view required for BVA hip scoring.  

The aim is to help vets and vet nurses to achieve the best views possible for diagnosis and to reduce the number of retakes.”


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